Alana’s Business Cards

Alana's Business Cards

So I finished these up a few weeks ago and am pretty pleased with the results. The photo isn’t the greatest because I was using our older digital camera and the flash. Next time though I’ll definitely order the physical proof instead of getting just the digital, as there won’t be any time constraints. I didn’t notice when I opened the proofs that they cropped out my 1/8″white border on the text side of the card. I mistakenly thought Preview was zoomed in. Now the lower type comes a little closer to the bottom than I’d like. This is what happens when you don’t check your proofs carefully, so that’s my fault.

Otherwise Jak Prints did a fabulous job and turned them around in the quick time promised. We chose them over some other fast job print shops because they were local (although HotCards is also) and they offered an uncoated card stock. They cost slightly more than HotCards and 48HourPrint but were well worth it, if for the uncoated option alone. Did I mention they’re environmentally friendly and only offer papers from sustainably managed forests? Additionally they were nice and easy to deal with. We’ll definitely be bringing our future jobs to them, though I’m considering trying some letterpress cards soon. Were I to have taken these to a traditional printer I would’ve chosen a linen paper instead.