The Lakewood Dog Park vs. Rocky River

Dear Rocky River,
Only a person with no joy in their heart, a true miser, would try to close a dog park.

You say the dog park is loud and smelly, but you’re grossly exaggerating.

  • How can the dog park be too loud, it’s in the Metroparks, there are no private residences here to be bothered. There will always be dogs in the Metroparks, dog park or not.
  • I go to the dog park quite frequently, and the only time it gets loud is if an irresponsible owner allows their dog to start a fight, which is rare.
  • The only time the dog park has smelled is on a hot sunny day next to the trash cans. You cannot smell them outside of the park.
  • The dog park is by a water treatment plant. Water treatment plants always smell, and their smell is worse and further reaching than a dog park. I should know, I grew up near one, every morning our neighborhood smelled like Sea World.
  • The dog park provides people with proper waste disposal. Without this, I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t properly clean up after their dogs. Instead of 3 designated trash cans being a bit smelly, all trash cans in the Metropark would have dog waste, and you’d run the risk of walking in it constantly.
  • Us citizens of Lakewood do not have big yards. We need a place to take our dogs to get exercise, or else their health and behavior will suffer. My dogs’ own demeanor is improved by leaps and bounds from our visits to the dog park.
  • The dog park is next to the Lakewood APL, so there will always be barking dogs. At least the dog park closes at 9 and all those dogs go home. Would as many people adopt dogs if they didn’t have a place to take them?

If I even say the words “dog park” my dogs tails start wagging, their butts start wiggling, and their eyes light up. They know where they’re going, and they’re elated. My girlfriend and I both work and have very busy schedules. At the park we can get our dogs the exercise they need, and important social interaction to teach them how to behave around other dogs and strangers. When they get to visit the park several times a week, they’re calm when we have guests over. They don’t get anxious and upset when we leave. They don’t chew on the furniture. And most importantly, they’re happy. Who would want to take this away from us?

Anonymous Rocky River complainers, you should be ashamed of yourself. You old biddys need to find something better to do and let us dog owners enjoy life.


You can read more about this at channel three news, and there’s also a discussion at the Lakewood Observer.