Tina Fey is Funnier Than Dudes

Baby Mama

MSNBC recently picked Tina Fey as their funniest person. Though I would hardly call MSNBC the barometer of hilarity, it’s nice to see a woman in entertainment get respect for something other than her boobs. The best part of the article:

…women (along with other women in comedy) still battle periodic declarations by male performers and writers that women aren’t funny — from the notorious John Belushi bellowings of the late 1970s to a Christopher Hitchens essay last year in Vanity Fair. So being the first female head writer at “SNL” isn’t merely a “happened to be first” situation, but a victory over daunting odds.

So Tina Fey in a movie with Amy Poehler (second most hilarious lady on television) is basically my dream comedy duo. The only way this movie could possibly be funnier would be throwing Amy Sedaris into the mix. Baby Mama opens this Friday, watch the trailer.