May 2008 Mix (Belated)

May 2008 Mix

Long overdue, here is my mix for May. On June 2nd. I’m a little behind, give me a break I’m moving and completely drained.

Listen to this while lying on your couch with minimal lighting. Bonus points for incense and headphones.

There is also some album art.

  1. French Kicks - Abandon
  2. Annuals - Sore
  3. Ladytron - The Lovers
  4. The Sound - Heartland
  5. My Brightest Diamond - Inside a Boy
  6. Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye
  7. Brightblack Morning Light - Come Another Rain Down
  8. The Black Angels - Better Off Alone
  9. Mary Timony - Look a Ghost in the Eye
  10. Pete and the Pirates - Knots
  11. The Warlocks - Dreamless Days

Download May 2008 Mix (60mb)


  1. Josh

    Damn, that’s a good mix. I’ve made room on my ipod for it and i’ve also put it on a cd so i could pass it around to my friends.

  2. beth

    Glad you enjoy :)

  3. Gareth - Creare Design

    I absolutely love The French Kicks tune!!! They are one of my favourite bands. One Time Bells is a classic. Also really getting into Pete and The Pirates!

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