Belated July 2008 Mix

July 2008 MixThis mix is best served on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Rain for the first half is desirable but not essential.

Also appropriate for: driving to get dinner, Friday at 7pm, a trip to the book store, walking your dogs at dusk, dawdling and napping on the couch.

  1. The Skygreen Leopards - Places West of Shawnapee
  2. Bowerbirds - Hooves
  3. Grouper - Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping
  4. Faunts - Memories of Places We’ve Never
  5. Pelican - City of Echoes
  6. Stereolab - Silver Sands
  7. Deerhunter - Never Stops
  8. Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies
  9. No Age - Sleeper Hold
  10. The Submarines - Swimming Pool
  11. Voxtrot - Long Haul

Download July 2008 Mix (62.3mb)

When I first uploaded this, the Faunts track was missing. It’s now in the zip file, or you can download it individually.


  1. rachel

    I downloaded the mix from here, and the Faunts track is missing.

  2. beth


  3. Gareth - Design

    Really loving No Age. Got Nouns and it’s great!

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