My New Record Player: The Beogram RX2

A while back I wrote about my love for Bang Olufsen and the Beogram. I regularly check eBay for them, but they’re always missing the stylus or the hinges are broken. Buying something I can’t test made me a little apprehensive as well. I recently came across someone on Craigslist selling a mint condition Beogram RX2 in Cleveland and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He’d recently had it rebalanced, rewired and the stylus cleaned. With the addition of a preamp, it sounds amazing even on my crappy stereo.

Beogram RX2

The RX2 was the last of the Beogram record players. One of the best features is the automatic tracking, based on the weight of the record the player knows where to cue and at what speed to start. You can see my small Beogram Flickr set here.

When I moved I had to abandon my large Expedit from Ikea which had been housing my records. FYI, the large Expedits will not fit in a 17′ Penske moving truck. The records were residing in sterilite bins (perfect for moving vinyl, they are easy to carry and you can stack them without damaging your collection) which seemed like such a waste with the new turntable. So I painted a built in book case in my living room and got them all situated and out of bins. I had originally painted the whole thing white but I painted the back of the inside green to contrast with the yellow walls.

Newly painted book case

I considered the turntable an early birthday present, so on my actual birthday I went out and bought the following to enjoy on the earlier present:

  • Stereloab - Chemical Cords
  • Stereolab - Aluminum Tunes (3xLP)
  • The Black Angels - (3xLP)
  • Heart - Dreamboat Annie
  • Stereolab - Three Women (7″)
  • The Black Angels - Doves (7″)


  1. Gareth - Design

    Treat Yourself or What!!!

  2. beth

    Sadly I have barely even been home to enjoy the new records!

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  4. Steven @ Vinyl Records For Sale

    That’s a nice system.

    Sadly, a lot of people still don’t understand the superiority of vinyl.

  5. Anna E Commerce

    Iv been wanting to buy a record player for a long time now but I’m not that informed when it comes to brands and there quality. What i did know is that i wanted a smaller stylish turn table that sounds amazing, but in the absence of an un-biest opinion i haven’t been able to make an informed decision. So thanks for the blog love the look of the Beogram, and its not too big, now all i need to do is save and search, wish me luck! If you have any buying tips i would be grateful to hear them, Thanks Anna

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