Movies I Have Seen Lately

When I moved to Cleveland Heights I had the good fortune to move three blocks from the Cedar Lee, the local independent film theater. Monday is $5 movie night, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of it’s close proximity.

Since moving I have seen:

I really enjoyed Savage Grace, I always say Julianne Moore in 60s clothes is my favorite movie genre. She was amazing in this movie, but I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into not already knowing the history of Barbara Baekeland. It’s worth seeing if only for enjoying the clothing and interiors.

American Teen was so so, cluttered with out of place animation sequences. Each of the teens followed a really typical path and I didn’t feel like anything was revealed about them over the course of the movie.

OSS 117 has been my favorite so far, a playful French spoof of 60s spy movies. There’s already a sequel in the works. It stars a loveable but arrogant Maxwell Smart-eqsue jerk. This is another film worth watching for the clothes and sets alone. Everyone in this movie looks amazing. It also has a fabulous title sequence.

The Wackness was a good but not great movie about a teen in the 90s selling pot. Ben Kingsley is his zany therapist and they have a bizarre Running With Scissors-esque relationship. Whenever I watch movies trying to be purposefully 90s I just wish I was watching Party Girl instead.

The Last Mistress is a French film starring Asia Argento. It chronicles the 10 year affair of her character and a philanderer about to marry a young wealthy aristocrat. I enjoyed the movie, but the story itself seemed to be missing something. It’s very dramatic but ultimately anticlimactic. Still worth seeing though, especially if you enjoy costume dramas.

I’m hoping in the near future to catch the 3D horror series (Amityville Horror, Parasite, Friday the 13th part III) and:

I also just finished rewatching Six Feet Under on DVD so now I can actually watch some movies at home again. Any recommendations?


  1. Jen

    Of course you know my envy knows no bounds :) I love the Cedar Lee. I’ve been wanting to see Savage Grace - the director showed it at the Wexner Center for the OUT festival, but unfortunately that was in March when the blizzard hit, so obviously I didn’t make it there.

    I’m so behind on movie watching. What’s with this “work” thing getting in the way of movies?

  2. Ethan

    Sounds like a killer theater! I can’t recommend Man on Wire enough, by the way: easily one of the more enjoyable, moving documentaries I’ve seen.

  3. beth

    Jen you have two Drexels at least! Sounds like the new job is keeping you pretty busy! Savage Grace is really good, but one of those movies that is incredibly uncomfortable to watch a la Happiness.

    Ethan I have heard so many good things about that film!

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