My mom died two years ago on Monday. I thought the week would be very difficult, but thinking about her has made me more happy than it has sad. I’ve undertaken the monumental task of scanning all the photos from my childhood, it will take forever, but here’s one:

Losing one of your parents makes you feel like half your childhood has been erased, so this is my last ditch effort to save it. I am posting them all to Flickr, after looking at this one I realized I have her smile, and this one is my favorite picture of her and my dad.


  1. endunham

    Hi, I am always a lurker on your blog but I couldn’t help speaking out to your sad story… I am sorry to hear that you lost your mom.

    I totally understand your feeling because I also lost my dad last year. It’s hard for me to think about the old times with my dad.

    Your mom looks beautiful! It’s nice of you giving a photo tributes here!

  2. Annie T. Baxter

    So sorry for the loss of your mom, but happy for you that you are finding her in your memories. My mom died about 22 years ago, when I was 25 years old. In the fairytale of life, we aren’t supposed to loose our moms before we are ready. But that would mean my mom would never have been able to leave!

    Thank you for sharing your family photos…your mom and dad look warm and wonderful!

  3. anna

    I too have taken on the monumental task of scanning the family photos, Im planning on working them into a book of the family’s history and then giving them as Christmas presents. Adobe aperture allows you to put together photos and text in a book format, then all you need to do is email it off and they print and bind it for you.

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