Accessibility in Pop Culture

I saw this Tylenol ad the other day while flipping through the most recent issue of Real Simple magazine. I snapped it indoors with my iPhone so the quality is pretty poor, but they show the keyboard shortcut for enlarging browser text on PC and Mac.

Tylenol Ad for Text Resizing

Granted not all people needing to enlarge browser text are older users, but I’ve often wondered if someone like my grandma would know how to resize text, let alone be comfortably recall a keyboard shortcut.


  1. design plumber

    Yes, but then we shouldn’t write the oldies off, some older people are more technical than me other aren’t interested. At least they have the choice their if they want it.

  2. heating it up

    I find it helps if just put my face right up against the screen

  3. Anna E Commerce

    This article is just a example of the age we are in. A health warning about computer eye strain aimed at older people, i can remember a time when the internet was new to world and i had to go to the library to use it. Now i can’t live with out it! I thinks its important for older generations to at least use E commerce shops its not fare that they miss out on great deals because they are not technically literate, plus for those who aren’t as mobile as they used to be they get everything delivered.

  4. Web Design Conferences

    I think the more user friendly your site is the more likely you are to gain a stronger following. An elderly person would be unable to view your site if that feature was not allowed.

  5. Laura Design

    This is a prime example of bad advertising. Using poor imagery and wasted space is hardly going to draw the consumer in. This goes for website design too. If you do not take the time to research your target market or plan out a design effectively, then the final product will simply not sell.

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