December Mix: Goodbye 2008

December Mix I’ve been slacking on mixes and never uploaded the last several months’ worth. I have a few of them lying around and at some point I’ll make them available. The tracks on this mix were all released in 2008. The theme is letting go of the old year and starting fresh in the new one.

This will most likely be my last post of 2008 and for the immediate future until I finish v3.0 of my site, which is under way at the moment. It could take longer than anticipated as I’m making the leap to Expression Engine. I’m hoping for a late January release. In the mean time, enjoy. As per usual the mix includes all tracks, an iTunes song list, as well as 150×150 and 300×300 versions of the art.

  1. Fucked Up – Son the Father
  2. Johnny Foreigner – The End and Everything After
  3. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – You Could Write a Book
  4. Women – Cameras
  5. Land of Talk – Got a Call
  6. Dead Meadow – I’m Gone
  7. Blind Pilot – The Bitter End
  8. Frightened Rabbit – Old Old Fashioned
  9. A Weather – Small Potatoes
  10. Jason Anderson – This Will Never Be Our Town
  11. Bound Stems – Winston
  12. Kaki King – Montreal
  13. Forest City Lovers – Orphans
  14. Arms – John Escalator
  15. Mount Eerie – Log in the Waves
  16. Cat Power – Dark End of the Street

Download December 2008 Mix (87.1mb)